There is a clarity, directness, and honesty in Robert Emmons that is reflected both in his poems and in his life as a respected business leader and teacher. Above all, Emmons is a humanist whose concern for the human condition dominates his poetry. He is an astute observer of life and the irony often found in dealing with life’s challenges and the choices we must make.

Emmons has been the recipient of numerous awards from the business community including the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business Executive of the Year Award and the Food Industry Hall of Fame Award. He has also received a number of honors for his philanthropy and community-service efforts, including the Herbert Hoover Humanitarian Award, the Santa Barbara Museum of Art’s Wright Ludington Lifetime Achievement Award, the City of Hope Community Leader Award, and the Los Angeles Boy Scouts Distinguished Citizen Award.

In his volume Seafarers, Poems of the Sea (2007) published by the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum, Jean-Michel Cousteau, Ocean Futures Society, says, “This poetry takes you on an amazing journey of travel, dreams, and emotions along the infinite waves of the sea.” Emmons comments in his foreword to the book, “My travels have taken me on a life’s journey peopled by a variety of wanderers, sailors, fishermen, merchant mariners, scientists, yachtsmen, and environmentalists. Some with agendas, some seeking fortunes, others just drifting but all caught up in the mystery, the danger, the power, the awe-inspiring beauty of the sea.” The book, which combines the exciting photography of Larry Dale Gordon with Emmons’ poetry, roams the seas of the world exploring the human condition.

In Love Shadows (2010), Capra Press, Emmons explores the many facets of love with poems written over forty years. The range and beauty of the words are inspiring.

In 2012, Emmons introduces Six Thousand Sunrises, American Academy Press. This volume of philosophy, poetry and life management explores the challenges of enriching senior life. Dr. Gayle Beebe, President, Westmont College says “Robert Emmons has written a beautiful book that combines the perspective of a life well lived with a call to continued deep engagement with all that life brings. His message is both timeless and timely, calling us to embrace each new day as an opportunity to expand the great vistas of life by living fully in the moment. Six Thousand Sunrises is filled with wisdom and insight.” This volume can be purchased through Amazon and is available as a Kindle digital book.